About Us


Chill Car Rent offers both short-term and long-term car rental in Khao Lak.

Our company provides car and scooter rental from our local rental company.

We find a solution to help traveler in Khao Lak with our car or scooter. Strong for many years of experiences in traveling service in Khao Lak, we knew that scooters are the best solution to move fast and cheap in the city. This is how we decided to start make a scooter (and car) rental activity. Our mission is thus to offer scooters (and car) for rent with the best service, at any time and at the cheapest rental price. Our vision is to be a company offering freedom, safety, saving in time and money to people in Khao Lak. Our offer is daily, weekly and monthly scooter rentals and we provide helmet and third party insurance.

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