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Free 2 Helmets

Rent Motorbike in Khao Lak Thailand: Honda Click 125i Scooter

The Honda Click 125i scooter motorcycle is a popular and reliable choice for many women and men in Thailand.  It is stylish and elegant with bag hook (for shopping) and medium size under seat storage. Ideal bike for anyone 6ft and under in height (taller people will find the leg room on the Click tight.

The Honda Click 125i scooter available for hire comes with an Idling Stop System (bike shuts off engine when stopped at lights) to lower the emissions and reduce air pollution significantly and also saves fuel. The Honda Click 125i scooter delivers a fuel economy of 55.8 km / L. 



Free 2 Helmets

Definitively Honda’s best known model. Powerful and stable, it is perfect if you plan to ride often. If the scooter is bigger and seems less practical, it is also extremely comfortable, whether you are one or two riding. If you are two this one is particularly recommended. Obviously, the space under the seat is also consequent allowing you to carry more things. If you are interested by roaming around Bangkok this scooter is also a good choice for its safety and extreme reliability on the roads. safety and extreme reliability on the roads.

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